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[04 Dec 2003|09:49pm]
It makes me laugh that I'm a dork... I'm listening to cheesy love songs!!! But you know what? I fucking deserve it... I'm sooooo mad at everything right now. I just want to move out of the dorms and forget everything. I love my old friends, and my new ones esp. my clustermates who will always be there for me but I really wish I had someone I could just confide in, someone separate from my friends that would understand all of me. Don't get me wrong, my best friend understands me, but I don't want to bother her with my problems, she has a lot and my problems seem so petty right now... I want someone that can just tell me how much they love me, and tell me that it's all okay. I need that right now, and I don't have that... I need someone.
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[25 Jul 2003|10:40pm]
Dave sends me the stupidest e-mails EVER. Grr.
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[23 Mar 2003|09:02pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

mm... oatmeal butterscotch cookies are gooood.
so, I'm not getting tennis captain, and I'm kind of pissed, because I know I deserve it. That's really cocky but its true.

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[10 Feb 2003|06:25pm]
God, I need some new friends. My best friends are exhausting. They are so not even near perfect and then act all hypocritical and then tell me what my personal problems are (for example, apparently I isolate people so I don't get hurt). Okay, thanks guys. They should not be telling me what my personal problems are when they clearly have some of their own to deal with and get offended when I tell them what they're problems are. I am sick of taking their crap. Hey, we're graduating in four months so I just have to deal with this for four more months... well, maybe two more months because the last two we'll be getting all sentimental and stuff........ meh. I need to meet new people. I need money, too but that's another issue.
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[02 Feb 2003|03:22pm]
You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
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Then WHY, exactly, am I single?

I got accepted into the UW last week! I'm finally starting to be happy about that, because at first, I was thinking that maybe I should have looked into more colleges, etc. Doubts, etc. Mostly because I'm afraid of leaving my high school but now I am really happy because I know I want to go there.
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[28 Dec 2002|06:48pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I just threw up, and now I feel completely nauseated. I've been sick for ONE MONTH now, and I really need to get better. Work, school, and college have been stressing me out, and now that I'm on break I thought that I would get better. But it seems like I felt better when I was being all stressed out and working, but Erika thinks that I was probably on some kind of adrenaline and my body wouldn't let me feel sick because I had so much to do. Being sick sucks. I skipped out on going to the mochi festival on Bainbridge Island with Erika and Kana today because I felt so sick. Looks like I'm not going downtown to see the fireworks on New Year's Eve with everybody, I'm seriously afraid that there is something really wrong with me, and that going downtown and staying out in the cold is really going to push me over the edge as far as how unhealthy I am right now. I neeeeeeed to get better...

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[26 Dec 2002|01:46pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Well... I quit my job. I couldn't handle it anymore, but I miss everyone from there a lot... now I need some kind of money, but tennis season starts in about two months so... I don't know what kind of job would be that flexible. Christmas was a sucess, but now I really need to start working on my FAFSA and WWU application. December has just been one stressful, emotional month for me, and being sick just made it even worse. After getting in a fight with a certain person, apologizing still didn't make up for the fact that I was a jerk to them. But I've been obsessing about that person for way too long, and now I will be able to distance myself from them. Tennis season is coming up soon, and I'm looking forward to that. I still need to get better, though, I've got such a bad cough and was really feverish last week. Luckily, winter break is two weeks so I need to just rest this week and next if I want to get better. This entry is a little too serious, but I am sooo tired.

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[27 Nov 2002|07:13pm]
ooh, one more thing to update when I get the chance:
me being sick and staying home from school on a day when apparently a lot of important stuff happened! Argh!
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[24 Nov 2002|01:03pm]
update list!
Harry Potter
job search
college apps
car rally
most disappointing football game in my life
depressing stuff...
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[07 Nov 2002|10:29pm]
First of all,
KEROCHAN, I WANNA BE A FRANKLIN CHEERLEADER!!!!!!!! I went to the game tonight and you guys have an amazing band and awesome cheerleaders, I wanna go to Franklin now! Sure, we killed you guys, like, 56-0 and but we don't have an awesome band like you guys, and I wanna be a Franklin cheerleader!!!! If you were looking up in the Bothell side, I was near the front in a gray sweatshirt screaming for you guys, you guys are such an awesome band! And really spirited cheerleaders! hehe, and these cute dorky guys from Franklin came up to us after the game and started talking to us, it was funnie...
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[02 Nov 2002|12:44pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

WHOO! YOU CAN'T STOP THE BLUE TRAIN! As of last night our football team is KingCo champions, I had so much fun at the football game! We all bought shirts that says we're Kingco champs at the game. And especially since we won against Inglemoor, our rival school, made it even sweeter to win... *falls over and twitches with excitement* I took a lot of pictures, and if I had a scanner, I'd put them up here but noo...

hey, I passed my written driver's test! whoo hoo! I'm scared for my driving test, though. SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE LET ME PASS THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!

Its still really stressful, I have to fill out college apps now, and get letters of recommendation but the problem is I need one from my English teacher because he's my only honors class teacher but the problem is he hates me... eek.

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[28 Oct 2002|09:41pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I failed the driver's written test. I dun wanna do that again, its stressing me out because I need my license and I feel so stupid that I'm one of the only people that doesn't have it and aaaaaa I'm studying my ass off to pass the written this time, please oh please oh please! I have to get my license and its stressing me out and getting me depressed at the same time. I will just cry if I fail again, I am under so much pressure right now, the senior projects, my COLLEGE APPLICATIONS, my driver's license, school, work, my life in general, parents, tennis, etc. I need to get my license as asap. Or else I will feel like nothing else in my life will get done. I need to wear my happy bracelet tomorrow, I feel like crying right now. Like just flinging myself on my bed and sobbing. but I have to read so I will keep it in until it all comes out in one big cryfest. But I can feel tears stinging at my eyes already so I will go now.

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[16 Sep 2002|09:43pm]
This weekend:
After school, Katie and I had “bitchfest 2002” where we went to Starbucks, and bitched about all the crap in our lives and people. Good times… we got bored and tired of bitching so we went to the Inglemoor football game, we searched for friends but it was the last two minutes of the fourth quarter so people were leaving and what not… weird thing was, I was surrounded by yellow and black (Inglemoor colors) and Iwas like, “I feel so weird! I should be in blue and white!!!” anyways… so I want to go to the next Inglemoor home game to see my friends.

Saturday was Erika’s crazy party; people stayed until about 4 am and then went home… I had fallen asleep on her couch around 3:30 but I was staying the night so it was cool- I met the coolest people!!! This kid that is now my future husband has the coooolest car!!! Its got lights on the floor of the car that flash with the bass…! Hehe I was in awe for the rest of the night.

I don’t have a date!!! I’ve been flipping out over this for a while now and no one has asked me and I feel unwanted… I mean, everyone else has been discussing this for a long time now and just… ugh… while I realize that its only been a week or two of school but I still feel bad!!! I mean, all these people are already asking other people in really special ways, and ugh I’m just jealous… I don’t have a date… -_- but I’m really picky but still… I want a date that I can actually enjoy going with, aw, I just want a date! a non-ugly one!
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[16 Sep 2002|04:03pm]
Things to write in depth about once I finish all my damn homework:

This Weekend: Erika's party, my future husband, work, Bitchfest 2002, Inglemoor football game

General Topic: HOMECOMING *cries*
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STRESSED?! ALREADY?! WHY ME?! [08 Sep 2002|12:21pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]

Trip to Canada before school
Link Crew Day!

Okay, trip to Canada:
I had sooo much fun, went with my mom and my aunt and the place we were staying at had "night market" a market...at night... where you could buy all sorts of asian stuff... like pirate CDs, DVDs, planners, stationery, clothes, fake desginer handbags. That was sheer heaven, I bought sooo much stuff there. Including Hikki's
"deep river" and ELT Trance Re-mix CD. We ate Chinese food everyday, stayed in an amazing hotel and had a lot of fun!!!

Link Crew Day:

Basically what link crew is is a group of about 60 or so seniors who have a group of ten sophomores and kind of mentor them and help make their transition into high school easier. School for sophs started on the 4th and the only only upperclassmen that had to come on the 4th were link crew people... So we met our sophomores, played games the whole day, gave them a tour around campus, etc. Once I got into it, I had sooo much fun! I didn't expect to, but I like all my sophmore "links"

ITS MY FIRST WEEKEND AND I HAVE SO MUCH HOMEWORK!!! *screams and rips out hair* All my classes are hard, and each one of them expects me to focus on that particular class... and with work and tennis I'm feeling soooo overwhelmed and just.... STRESSED ALREADY! and EVERY CLASS I AM IN GAVE ME A TEXTBOOK! AUGH!!!!!!!! Let's see: homework this weekend:
write an article for paper staff,
complete atlas worksheet and do a physical AND political map of Canada for senior issues class,
finish math worksheet for math,
prepare speech for AP english,
find job ads in newspaper for accounting, and
research hanta virus for zoology

on the other hand, I'm making new friends, and have friends in all my classes, so that is a bright spot. I feel bad for Erika though, she has three AP classes, marching band, work and flute lessons that she teaches and gets taught to, so I shouldn't be complaining as much.

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[06 Sep 2002|06:28pm]
EEE! Things to update:

Trip to Canada before school
Link Crew Day!
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[20 Aug 2002|10:16pm]
[ mood | tired ]

dude, I'm so scared! I juss got one of those e-mails giving me a senior checklist, you know, those ones that are all like, in September schedule college interviews and gget recommendation letters and blah blah blah and I got so freaked out! I mean, I'm supposed to have all this shit done already?! All I've been thinking about is getting classes with friends and now THIS SHIT comes up?! eep! Really, I'm scared now! I know that UW application deadline is January 15th and I realized that that is not so far away! I'm so scared! It never really hit me that i'm about to be a senior until tonight. *hyperventilates*

Well, Erika finally got a job after being jealous of me, complaining CONSTANTLY about her lack of money and whinin. When I got a job at the same place that her good friends worked, I guess she was jealous. For what reason?! I work at a PIZZA PLACE! That's pretty gross, you know? Its not like she had DIBS on the job just because she's closer to those people than I am, you know? We're best friends but I am so SICK of her getting of jealous of EVERYTHING I do, own, etc. I love the people I work with, they're all so down to earth and nice (except for a few people but there's bad people in every bunch!) and they are all fun people. Well she starts on Thursday, I work then too so me and Liz were planning to play a trick on her but unfortunately our BOSS is managing that night and he's pretty strict so I guess we'll have to do it undercover *snickers*

I'm visiting Kim's website, and the CUTEST Korean song is playing on it! Of course I don't understand but its adorable. Me and Palmer always talked about trying to learn Korean, but I never had the time. He wanted to learn Cantonese too and I said I'd teach him but well...he's graduated now and headed off to work a year before his mission (I hope for him that its in Japan! we went together as exchange students, btw) so its not like I'll see a bunch of him, but its all good.

I went to Everett Mall today (there were seriously, like, 3 people there *snickers*) but I saw the cutest guy working there. He was so cute. *sighs*

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[17 Aug 2002|07:37pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I went shopping today with Mom and we went to Northgate Mall and I found a SNOOPY SHIRT AS NORDSTROMS! *grins* but it was too small and the girl that worked there told me that if I gave her my phone number she would call all the stores listed that had those shirts and find me my size…hopefully she can do that… They had mediums of all the other shirts, just not the blue Snoopy one. I want my blue Snoopy shirt!*pouts* Its my most favorite shirtin the whole world now and I don’t even own it! I want it!!! On the other hand, I found my dream sweater at Express and bought it along with another shirt using a deal that they had so basically I got the second shirt free… as in, the sweater was originally $50 and the shirt was $25 but I got the deal so the whole thing was $50… I know, still a lot but it was worth it… anyways…

Work on Friday was…weird. It consisted mostly of me hitting Evan with a wet washcloth and then looking in the other direction. We had a weird conversation the night before…

Me: *wrinkles nose* Taboo Video called us. Grooossssss… (one thing I should explain is that I only knew that because when I entered in the number, their address popped up on the computer along with the description “Taboo Video”)

Evan : right on. Was it for delivery? ( Evan is a driver so…)

Me: Ew… if it was, you would’ve taken it , wouldn’t you? Siiick.

Evan: (leans in and looks right into my eyes) it’s only so I can pick up… your magazines.

Me: MY magazines, sicko?

Ha. The people that called from there were really rude… not like I expected anyone that runs an adult video store to be classy but still…blech.

Yeah so I’m going to Hong Kong and Japan next summer and I’m trying to figure out what would be cheapest and stuff… like should I go to Japan for two weeks and then HK for another two? Should I fly from Seattle to Osaka, stay there, fly from Osaka to HK and then stay there and go from HK to Seattle? That would be a lot of one-way tickets… I don’t know! Argh! Maybe buy a round trip ticket from Seattle to HK, and a round trip from HK to Osaka so I could stay in HK first, then stay in Osaka and then fly back to HK before I go home???????? Ack. Well I have a whole year to plan and hopefully I will be able to go to both places! Please!

Anyways… I got an application packet sent to me by UW! I know they probably sent it out to whoever put UW on their college choices for the SAT but still… it makes me feel good…

My want list:

w-inds single that is coming out soon
Hi-Chew candy
school NOT to start! *cries*
a higher paycheck!

heh... I know two of them probably won't happen...

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[09 Aug 2002|11:05am]
let's see...
work on Wednesday was okay... I yelled at a driver and felt horrible afterwards, so I apologized. I felt bad too, because he was hurt and one of my favorite people to work with so... I apologized. Stayed around until closing because Crystal begged me to because she would have to be alone with our manager that we call "beluga" because that's what he is... fat and white...

went to the YMCA this morning to find that one of the hot guys in my history class was working... I apparently wasn't as surprised to see him and he was me... he kept gaping at me... it not like I'm large or don't play sports... so I dunno.

Have to work today (UGH.)

Begged my mom to take me out for dim sum at Ming Place , but instead we're eating at the country club... (hey, don't get any ideas, I'm not rich, my aunt is who belongs to the club)

This entry is a tad... pessimistic. ^_^
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[07 Aug 2002|01:15pm]
I went to Uwajimaya today with mom...I saw the w-inds "Another Days" PV and saw that the CD player Keita is using is the one that I got in Japan! NEAT! Bought some crackers and oolong tea...damn work, I have to go tonight...
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